Individual Counselling

In individual counselling, you have Fran`s full attention.

She makes it safe to talk about absolutely anything, and to discover what is really troubling you.  Then, together through counselling, you and Fran plan a path towards moving forward, to creating effective and lasting changes that are meaningful to you.

The following are areas best supported by individual counselling:

  • Relief from depression
  • Unburdening old wounds
  • Setting healthier boundaries
  • Relief from traumatic experiences
  • Enhancing motivation and optimism
  • Transforming anxiety, worry, or anger
  • Moving from co-dependence to thriving
  • Removing blockages to energy and creativity
  • Maximizing health and recovery from illness
  • Adapting to change
  • Honoring grief and loss
  • Life stages and transitions
  • Strengthening Self-esteem
  • Re-gaining a sense of inner direction and purpose
  • Living a meaningful, satisfying, and productive life

Take the first step and call Fran.