Why? Wisdom from a 3-Year-Old

This summer, I spent two weeks with an almost-three-year-old child who insistently asked, “Why?”  A parent of young children will recognize this normal stage of child development.  Rather than tossing off the “Because I said so” answer I’d heard as a child, I decided to follow this and see where it went.  “Let’s go to the ocean.”  Why?  “Because it’s interesting.”  Why?  “Because there might be some new shells there to find.”  Why?  “Because the ocean may have washed some up.”  Why?  “Because that’s what the ocean does.”  Why?  Eventually, the only thing I could say was — “Good question.”  Inevitably, every “Why” led to something else, certain to be interesting, challenging, often mysterious, and something I hadn’t thought about.

What a wonderful question — Why?  Keep asking yourself the question.  The depth of the answers may surprise you.

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