Couples Workshops

A one-day event for couples!     

No workshops currently planned. 

To express interest in a future couples workshop, please contact Fran.

Come and strengthen your communication skills, play together, and celebrate your bond.

Practice new skills in a supportive and peaceful atmosphere, with the guidance of a skilled facilitator and privacy to practice with your partner alone.

Love creates a great beginning.
Then it takes skill to create a long-term, happy marriage.

  • Topics we’ll cover:
  • How to be a great listener
  • How to start good conversations instead of avoiding problems
  • How to problem-solve, manage conflicts and understand differences between you
  • How to make your beloved’s heart sing by the kind of attention you give them
  • How to be each other’s ‘soft-place-to-land’ in hard times
  • How to change your relationship ‘dance’ so your interactions are more positive
  • How to strengthen and maintain the loving connection between the two of you

Who Should Attend: Any couple interested in making your relationship better. Whether you’re married or not…. Newlyweds or have been together over 25 years…

This is a Day for Just the Two of You!

This is not couples therapy! You will not be asked to share any personal information with others.
From her 20 years of experience as a therapist, Fran will share what she has learned about what makes some couples succeed while others don’t. She’ll teach practical tools and skills, and give you time to practice them in the privacy of your couple. You’ll go home with handouts, exercises to use at home, and a whole new way to look at your relationship.


About the Facilitator: Fran Ferguson is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with 20 years of experience working with men, women, and couples. Fran previously led an audio-visual communications firm before moving to the West Coast. She is a skilled facilitator and knows how to teach and inspire. The workshop will be held at her rural office. Fran is passionate about helping couples create the kind of relationship we really want.

  • Comments from previous attendees:
  • I feel better about our relationship after attending Fran`s workshop
  • Fran has a great presentation style, very approachable, very clear and calming
  • Very clear and nice pacing of learning and with personal couple time
  • It was a great injection of marriage strength…
  • Fabulous, very thought-provoking… amazing food… the private settings were awesome