Couples Counselling

Whether you`re considering moving in with your beloved, planning your wedding, or whether you`ve been married many years, there are predictable topics that come up in every relationship.  Through couples counselling you’ll learn the tools to navigate the ups and downs of marriage that can make the difference between a satisfying, happy long-term relationship or the lonely road to separation and divorce.

Fran can support you in learning about marriage with couples counselling:

  • When and how to talk about any issue
  • Talking about important topics before you get married
  • Talking openly and honestly, even about tough topics
  • Moving from resentment and anger into compassion and love
  • Learning how to express differences in a positive way
  • Negotiating differences, whether they be in decision-making, parenting styles, personality, or sexuality
  • Dealing with infidelity, restoring equilibrium, and making changes
  • Learning how to honor each other’s dreams – and fulfill them
  • Strengthen connection, and keep passion and intimacy vibrant
  • Cleaning up ‘dust bunnies’ before they turn into ‘big hairy monsters’
  • Through all ages and stages of relationship, including new love, parenting, empty-nest, second relationships, mid-life recalibration, getting older, and retirement
  • Deciding whether to stay together, or consider separation or divorce
  • Caring for aging parents
  • Keeping the love alive
  • Couples Workshops

Learn more from Fran about how Couples Counselling can help your relationship: