Why should I say thanks? My partner already knows I’m grateful.

This is a common question in my office — generally by couples who take each other for granted.  Saying, “Thanks for washing the dishes,” “Thanks for filling my car with fuel,” or “Thanks for taking the kids outside and giving me a break” are ways to acknowledge our partner, to appreciate them, and to let them know we love them.  We all long to be noticed, to be valued, to be cared about.  Personally, I melt when I smell fresh towels that my husband has washed.  He takes me in his arms when I tell him so.

In relationships, it’s the little things that count.  That means both doing the laundry, the dishes, and the chores — and it also means saying “Thanks.”  When we say “Thanks,” we’re really saying “I love you.”  Three words we long to hear more than any others.

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