Others seem excited about the Holidays coming, but I’m dreading them. What can I do?

Many people struggle with the Holidays – for lots of different reasons.  Family events such as the death or loss of someone close, a divorce, or a move can make the Holidays difficult.  A surprising number of people have bad memories of past holidays spoiled by family conflicts or addictions, while others have no family and feel desperately alone.  It’s impossible to look forward to something that brings up feelings of fear, helplessness, or loneliness.

Here’s my advice:  Acknowledge whatever you feel, and then make a plan.  This may be a year when you do things differently.  It’s quite okay to plan something very simple.  Chances are you’ll feel more at peace with yourself and a comfort in the knowledge that you’re taking charge rather than letting others dictate what you should do or feel.

If you need help to get through this Holiday season, talk to Fran.