I’m angry a lot of the time. What can I do about it?

Anger is an emotion that everyone experiences.  However, many people are afraid of their anger or unsure how to express it appropriately, so they suppress the feeling.  The problem is that unresolved anger too easily creeps out in troublesome behavior.

It helps to know that anger is a secondary emotion.  Naming the feeling underneath the anger is a good first step.  It’s often something like feeling hurt, afraid, disappointed, or frustrated.  All feelings have valuable information to share, and offer hints about what might need to be said or done in order to feel better.  Bringing an attitude of curiosity and compassion to feelings gives them space to let us know how to look after them.  Then it’s possible to take appropriate action, or speak for those feelings in ways that are assertive, and still kind.

There’s always help available.  Take the first step.  Talk to Fran.