How do I choose a counsellor?

It’s important to choose a counsellor who is solidly trained, has good boundaries and ethics, and who is skilled and experienced.  Check the B.C. Association for Clinical Counsellors for a listing of Registered Clinical Counsellors in your region, their qualifications and specialties.  A good local resource is, a listing of community health resources.  Friends may also be able to recommend someone.  Most counsellors have websites, so check them.  If you need marriage/couple counselling, not just any counsellor will do — you need to find a counsellor specifically trained in marriage/couple counselling.  When you find someone, phone and ask what their training is, any specialties, and how much experience they’ve had.  Finally, at the first counselling session, see how the fit is with the counsellor.  If you don’t feel good about the fit, say so, and ask to see another counsellor.  You deserve to get the help you need.


If you’re looking for an experienced counsellor with solid training working with individuals and couples, take the first step… Talk to Fran.