I feel so lonely. What can I do about it?

Loneliness is a problem faced by almost a quarter of people of all ages, particularly seniors, and affects both mental and physical health.  We all long for connection with other people.  In a time where we have the technology for more social connectivity than ever before, it’s paradoxical that we live in a time of tremendous loneliness and isolation.

There are many reasons for loneliness, many aspects underlying it, and no one answer fits everyone.  For starters, however, what does help is reaching out to find some sort of meaningful engagement, particularly involvement with other people.  That might be joining someone for a walk, volunteering, or joining a club, or it might be as simple as smiling, waving, or saying hello to a neighbour.

If you’re lonely, or know someone who is, don’t wait.  Reach out and get connected.  If you’re unsure how to do that — take the first step… Talk to Fran.