Do you have any advice for beginning the new school year?

Nights are cooler, days are noticeably shorter.  September is the time when school, activities, and programs gear up again, bringing both angst and enthusiasm.

The simplest advice is often the best.  Here’s mine:  Be kind, both to others around you, and to yourself.  When stressed with a new situation or environment, people look for connection with others.  Kindness helps to make that connection, whether it’s letting someone else go ahead in a line-up, paying for another’s coffee, or offering a smile and gentle hello.

Remember to be kind to yourself too.  Give yourself space and time to adjust to new places and new people.  A gentle act of kindness towards another person can also be a gift to yourself.

When you’re looking for connection this fall, try kindness.  If you’re struggling, there is always something you can do.

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