Already, I’m feeling in a panic over Christmas. What can I do about it?

I’ve been hearing the pains of Christmas in my office… the extra obligations, stress of too much to organize, and not wanting to do any of it.  Or, on the other hand, the pain of not having family near, loneliness, grief and loss.  In all of it, there’s a craving for connection, and for a deeper meaning amidst the celebration.

Many children excitedly anticipate the wonders of Christmas, that magical time when all dreams come true.  Or not.  Many adults strive to live up to expectations.  As we grow older, we’re more likely to sift and sort the meaningful from the drivel.  That’s where the magic lies — in knowing what really matters, and what doesn’t.  Then living in a way that reflects what really matters.  Not just at Christmastime, but all year long.

Not sure what the meaning is for you?  Take the first step… Talk to Fran.